Tim Spreng is a filmmaker and visual artist. His heart is connected to sunlight and the world´s atmospheres. Tim is working as a producer, writer, director, cinematographer and visual artist. Additionally Tim is Co-founder and CEO of the production company Pantheon Pictures s.r.o., where he produced two theatrically released feature films along with numerous commercials and music videos.

Education/Experience     Dipl. Cinematography PFS Prague (Michal Gahut, Josef Pecak, James E. Duff, Diego Fandos); B.A. of Arts in Communication Science at University of Leipzig; Production Manager at Bavaria Film Studios & GAP Films Munich

Important works   We Intend To Cause Havoc (Producer/DOP; Documentary, in Production); Mord im Heiligenwald (Producer/DOP/Editor; Feature Film, Cinema Distribution, 25000 movie theatre visitors); Montenegro Off-Road (Producer, Feature Film, Cinema Release); Prahala (DOP; Feature film); Hank & Asha (2nd DOP; Feature film); Inside out (Director; Short film), various published photographs in SPINART

Special Knowledge  Digitial Cinema 8K/6K/4K, 35/16mm analog film, HDRX, Color Grading DaVinci, Aerial cinematography

Own Equipment  Red Scarlett 4K,  Hasselblad prime lenses, Nikon prime lenses, DaVinci Resolve Software, DJI Phantom 4

Co-founder & CEO  Pantheon Pictures s.r.o.

Director of shortfilms, music videos and commercials (screened at various intl. festivals)

Awards & Nominations as either Producer/Director/Writer/Cinematographer

2018 WOMEX Festival, Official Selection; 2018 Palm Springs Festival, Official Selection; 2017 Minimalen Short Film Festival Norway, Official Selection; 2017 GSF Awards, New York, Official Selection; 2016 Mexico City Video Dance Festival, Official Selection; 2016 Düsseldorf Open Art Short Film Festival, Official Selection; 2016 Greensboro Dance Film Festival, Official Selection; 2016 (C) Screen Barcelona, Official Selection; 2016 Utah Dance Film, Official Selection; 2015 PFFM Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Official Selection; 2015 Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Official Selection; 2015 Timishort Shortfilm Festival, Official Selection; 2015 Face á Face Saint Etienne, Official Selection; 2014 Brest International Film Festival, Official Selection; 2012 Cannes SFC, Official Selection; 2011 Kaliber35 Munich Intl. Shortfilm Festival, Official Selection; 2011 Lucerne Film Festival Showcase, Official Selection; 2011 PFS Best Cinematography, Winner; 2011 Cannes SFC, Official Selection  (Gerd Spreng) (Georg Spreng)