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If not cruising around with his camera or sketchbook, Tim might be climbing mountains, enjoying freerides with his snowboard or playing music. Tim and his family are based in Munich, Germany.




Tim Spreng is a freelance filmmaker and visual artist. His heart is connected to sunlight and the worlds amazing atmospheres, the reason why he loves the work as a Director of Photography. To create an interaction with people and nature Tim is additionally working as a writer, film director and visual artist. Tim Spreng is Co-founder and CEO of the production company Pantheon Pictures s.r.o., where he produced two theatrically released feature films along with numerous commercials and music videos.

Education/Experience     dipl. Cinematography PFS Prague (lecturers Michal Gahut, Josef Pecak, James E. Duff, Diego Fandos); BA of Arts in Communication Science at University of Leipzig; Production Manager at Bavaria Film Studios & GAP Films Munich

Important works   We intend to cause havoc (producer/dop; documentary, in production); Mord im Heiligenwald (producer/dop/editor; feature film, cinema distribution, 25000 movie theatre visitors); Prahala (dop; feature film); Hank & Asha (2nd dop; feature film); Inside out (director; short film), various published photographs in SPINART

Special Knowledge  Digitial Cinema 8K/6K/4K, 35/16mm analog film, HDRX, Color Grading DaVinci, Aerial cinematography

Own Equipment  Red Scarlett 4K,  Hasselblad prime lenses, Nikon prime lenses, DaVinci Resolve Software, DJI Phantom 4

Co-founder & CEO  Pantheon Pictures s.r.o.

Director of shortfilms, music videos and commercials (screened at various intl. festivals)

Awards & Nominations as either Producer/Director/Writer/Cinematographer

2018 WOMEX Festival, Official Selection; 2018 Palm Springs Festival, Official Selection; 2017 Minimalen Short Film Festival Norway, Official Selection; 2017 GSF Awards, New York, Official Selection; 2016 Mexico City Video Dance Festival, Official Selection; 2016 Düsseldorf Open Art Short Film Festival, Official Selection; 2016 Greensboro Dance Film Festival, Official Selection; 2016 (C) Screen Barcelona, Official Selection; 2016 Utah Dance Film, Official Selection; 2015 PFFM Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Official Selection; 2015 Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Official Selection; 2015 Timishort Shortfilm Festival, Official Selection; 2015 Face á Face Saint Etienne, Official Selection; 2014 Brest International Film Festival, Official Selection; 2012 Cannes SFC, Official Selection; 2011 Kaliber35 Munich Intl. Shortfilm Festival, Official Selection; 2011 Lucerne Film Festival Showcase, Official Selection; 2011 PFS Best Cinematography, Winner; 2011 Cannes SFC, Official Selection  (Gerd Spreng) (Georg Spreng)